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So what is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is following the Natural Laws of the Universe using the pure vibration of Life Force energy. It is the transfer of healing energy from the Universe via the ‘healer’ to the recipient. It can be defined as from Spirit- through Spirit- to Spirit. It is channelling the energies through the ‘healer’ to the patient/recipient thus creating balance and harmony on all levels of their being. As physical beings we are made of energy condensed into matter. This energy has a resonance or frequency at which we vibrate. Changes to that frequency can lead to disharmony in the body and this can affect our thoughts, physical wellbeing and our emotions.

Spiritual Healing is non invasive and is a safe treatment for all conditions, it is often used to supplement other forms of treatment, and is complementary to orthodox / allopathic medicine. It is non denominational it doesn’t need faith or religion to work, healing is often administered to young children babies and animals, they are not going to know about faith, yet they can still benefit from the healing.

The ‘healer’ attunes, (by going into an altered energy state) to the Universal Life Force energies that surround everything in our Universe, by prayer, meditation and intent. The energy then flows through the upper chakras of the ‘healer’ and exits through the heart chakra and the minor chakras in the hands to the recipient. No one can heal another person, but a healer can help to create suitable conditions whereby the natural processes of the body do their work.​

Apart from ‘laying on of hands’ or hands on healing, called contact healing, there are also other methods of healing.

Absent healing is where the person is not physically present but healing thoughts are sent to them.

Distant healing is similar to absent healing in the fact that healing is sent by the power of thought, however with distant healing the healing thought is sent to someone who is physically present but not receiving contact healing.

Near to the body healing is where the ‘healer’ does not touch the body but administers healing by placing the hands within three inches of the body i.e. works in the Aura.

Trance Healing (most codes of conduct do not allow healing whilst in trance) Trance healing is still the transfer of healing energy from Spirit/ Universe the difference is the conscious state of the ‘healer’. It works on the same principle as spiritual healing, but with Spirit being so much closer they can work at a deeper level. Trance healing can also lead to spiritual or psychic surgery where things can be removed from the body.

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