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All organisations have  their own training courses. Most, (although not all) courses are over a minimum  of 12 months to 3 years and will cover various aspects including basic Anatomy  and Physiology, chakras, auras and the different methods of healing. They will  also cover in depth the ‘Code of Conduct’ which is important for all healers to  know. At the end of the training there is usually an interview before a panel  where you will be asked questions on all aspects of your training, after which  if they consider you proficient they will issue a certificate. All healers must  have adequate insurance; this can usually be purchased through the organisation  you have trained with. There are a number of organisations you can train with  these are a few of them, Sussex Healers Association, Spiritualists National  Union, Scottish Association of Spiritual Healers, White Eagle Lodge and the  National Federation of Spiritual Healers which is now called The Healing Trust.

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