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Legislation & You

The new consumer protection regulations should be read by all ‘healers’ because they will affect healers as well as mediums. As soon as money changes hands it becomes a contract between you and the person who has paid the money. Even if you receive a donation you still come under these regulations. By using the words heal or healer you are suggesting that you can cure, this is not an acceptable term within the new legislation unless you can give proof of such claims. Disclaimers could possibly protect you in the event of action being taken against you but these have yet to be proven to be a legally effective defence. However, the code of conduct is very specific about what you may or may not say and do and should be adhered to, healers should be careful about any claims they may make in their consultations, literature or healing sessions.

All ‘healers’ who work within our Church are members of the Church and are registered with Sussex Healers Association.

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