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A bridge of trust; between spirit and me

Between the power that is; the me I’m-yet-to-be

That’s a pretty big bridge. That’s a pretty big ask.

Am I up to the journey? Am I up to the task?


Don’t think it’ll be easy; but will it be tough

And… is what I’ve got to give, truly enough

I’m hoping it is, but I know way deep within

That there is more I must do, if I’m to let Spirit in


I have to search for the silence, let them come through

And trust that they will; that I’ll know what to do

That the moment will matter, of that I’ve no doubt

‘Cos there’s a knowing and need that I’ve got to let out


Yes, I need to connect, I need that spirit link

Just like flowers need sunshine and pens need their ink

I need to embrace spirit’s light in my soul

Breathe the certainty in, feel nourished and whole


To welcome the love and the light and truth, too

So I can do all that I’m here to do

Be of service to others, dry tears, hold hands

Spread kindness and hope where’er life demands


Try to live a good life, and just hope the real me

Is the person that Spirit intend me to be

But I’ll never know, if I don’t take the time

To be still in the silence and let spirit climb


Into the space that’s been waiting so long

To hear their truth, their voice and their song

Yes acceptance, belief and real faith is a must

To help open the gates to that huge bridge of trust


By Sue Bennett




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