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​​​About Us​​

Nestled in the folds of the South Downs, Eastbourne is a seaside town in that classic Victorian mould.  Renowned as a destination for holiday makers from both the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, Eastbourne’s friendly welcome to visitors is mirrored in our church.

Beginning its life in a room above a shop, opposite the railway station, our Church was founded in 1930.

During its infant years the Church relocated several  times; the war years saw Lower Willingdon’s ‘Hut’ as our home, in the 1940’s we  traversed Eastbourne from Junction Road to Susan’s Road and finally  to our present home in Cavendish Avenue.

The Church has changed names as well as addresses over the years. Initially named the Eastbourne Progressive Fellowship Church, our present name was adopted in 1946.

Constructed in 1900 as a coach house for the Duke of  Devonshire (and as accommodation for his coachman) our building has also had a  varied past, acting as a laundry during the war years and later on as a  builders yard to local building firm ‘ Hall Brothers’.  Initially occupying the upper floors of the building, the Church carried out extensive improvements in 1980 when the builders retired and the Church acquired the whole building.

And here we remain, giving the proof of life after death that is central to the Christian Spiritualist movement.

Thank you to John Parker for his invaluable help in putting together this potted history.

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