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About Spiritualism

The prime object of spiritualism is to prove the survival of the human personality after death. Death is the doorway to a new and wider life. From the day of our birth we each have two bodies; the material or earthly one, which can be seen, and the spiritual one which is unseen during life, but is a counterpart of our earthly body.
The two bodies are linked by a cord (known as the silver cord) and when we die the cord is severed. The material body returns to the earth and the spiritual one becomes the vehicle of our spirit. We are all spirit here and now, we do not have to wait until death to become spirit. We have always existed as spirit and we will continue to exist in spirit throughout eternity.
We take nothing into the beyond except our character. The home that awaits us in the spirit world depends entirely on the life we have lived on earth. If we have honestly tried to do the best we can, then we have no fear of death. We will obtain a better, happier life where we will be united with our loved ones and friends.
There will be compensation and retribution for all the good and evil we have done on earth. The practical application of spiritualism is the supreme necessity for all of us to lead the best kind of life we can on earth, to practice the qualities of compassion and kindness and to give service wherever we can. What makes spiritualism unique is the evidence of survival after death that is obtainable through mediumship. Where most religions preach an ‘afterlife’ as a hope of faith or belief, we maintain that reasonable people can prove it for themselves through mediumship. We do not ask you to believe what we say. What we do suggest is that you study the literature and then make your own enquiries.
There are many excellent books which will help you such as, Silver Birch or White Eagle. Spiritualism is really a way of life which will prepare you for the next stage of life’s journey, to which we will all enter in the course of time.

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